Home-Maid Natural Dog Treats

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Winnie's Original Chicken Liver Treats

Liver Dog TreatsThese are the treats that started it all. These treats are made with chicken livers from a natural meats farm - Northeast Iowa Specialty Meats.

So, not only will you be giving your faithful friend a treat that they will love, you will be giving them a treat made with high quality ingredients that contain no harmful chemicals. These biscuits are so fresh that they need to be kept refrigerated or frozen. As an extra special treat, try putting one in the microwave for 5 seconds before giving it to your four legged friend.

Ingredients: Flour, chicken livers, wheat germ, chicken broth, egg, vegetable oil, parsley.

Charlies's Cheese Chews

Cheese Dog TreatsThese treats were the second treats in the Winnie's Waggers series. The cheese treats are freshly made and must be kept refrigerated or frozen.


Ingredients: Flour, cheese, rolled oats, corn meal, water, milk, butter, egg, sugar, bullion.


Winnie's State Fair Corn Doggies

These are the latest in the Winnie's Waggers series. The treat is a corn muffin with a surprise inside, a piece of hot dog.

Ingredients: Hot dogs, whole wheat flour, corn meal, milk, bacon drippings, egg, baking powder.


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